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Back With A Blast!!!

By :SEC Motosupply 0 comments
Back With A Blast!!!

It’s been a year since motorcycle shows kicked-off softly.  And now, where almost everything is going back to normal; SEC MOTOSUPPLY events team was pumped and energized to bring excitement to all the riders’ during the Makina Moto Show 2023 which was staged at the SMX Convention Center, MOA, Pasay City from April 14-16, 2023.  The 3-day event was filled with fun, excitement, special items and big discounts that awaited those who took part on the event.  SEC MOTOSUPPLY also grabbed the opportunity in showcasing its’ new line-up of helmets from our very own brand SEC Helmets to Caberg Helmet and Airoh Helmet.

Discounts given started from 20% which reached up to a whopping 40% discount before the event ended.  Also being displayed are SEC MOTOSUPPLY alloy top boxes and its’ highlight the KRYPTONITE top box.  Aesthetically looks like an alloy box but actually made from hard plastic.  Thus, using this material provides confidence that your belonging is safe during your travel.  It also provides comfort during ride since its’ weight is far lighter than an alloy top box.

With the turnout on the number of clientele that visited our booth who purchased and or simply just looked around, we thanked you!  We also would like to thank our dear dealers, brand endorsers that grace the event.  As to what our brands says about Safety Endurance and Comfort as well as the support and trust on our brands, rest assure that SEC MOTOSUPPLY is more focused and motivated in continuing to provide everyone safety while using are products without hurting their budget. 

See you all at the next event!

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