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Originally known for helmets, SEC Motosupply now provides a wide variety of motorcycle products that posses quality and affordability for all users.

The enjoyment of riding in the open air and sense of freedom from Motorcycle riding can have drawbacks. Protective Equipment can help motorcycle riders reduce of prevent the effects of accidents. Riding without protective gear is a risk never worth taking. Helmets are the most important piece of safety equipment. Choosing the right one is essential as they reduce the incidence of fatal head injuries by 50%.

SEC Motosupply perfectly embodies Safety, Endurance, and Comfort. We offer helmets that absorb impact force transmitted to the head, have compact dimensions, effective ventilation, and lower the amount of stress transmitted to the rider’s neck. A balance towards comfort and performance.

We also provide motorcycle Top case (also called as Motobox) and rear bracket for your multipurpose needs. It will be perfect for all of your carry along needs; Constructed of durable heavy-duty plastic.

Moreover, Nerve Jacket from Germany is now brought locally by Sec Motosupply. A professional bike apparel for race, touring and off road riders. While the motorcycle gloves are perfect to wear while riding, and specifically designed to provide extra comfort and ensures convenient use.

SEC Motosupply, in overall definitely worth everything you are looking for best head protective gear and motorcycle accessories.

“We give value for your money without sacrificing quality.”

SEC Motosupply are ergonomically designed for motorcycle enthusiasts and riders licensed of Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) that assures the quality of the products.