SEC Motosupply is all about providing a good assortment of innovative motor safety and accessory products. Helping our customers to better enjoy their journey on two wheels, a brand built for motorcycle enthusiasts, beginners, and veterans.
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Designed to fit the satisfaction of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Enhanced performance and confidence.

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SEC Motosupply are ergonomically designed for motorcycle enthusiast and riders licensed of Import commodity Clearance (ICC) that assures quality of the products. Our philosophy is simple: we give value for your money without sacrificing quality.

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“ Protection for the Road ”

Sec Motosupply is a
brand that innovates and
finds new ways to give
you the best products
that protects you in your
ride to your life.


Primarily acknowledged for helmets, SEC Motosupply continues to produce high quality items at an affordable price as they embark on producing top notch motorcycle protective and functional accessories that every rider needs.

Safety Gears

SEC Motosupply's protective gears symbolize safety, endurance, and comfort to all motorcycle riders. Our line of products range from motorcycle spare parts, brackets, top boxes, and even motorcycle apparel which both provide protection and style.


SEC Motosupply's helmets include a variety of designs including modular and full-face helmets for every type of motorcycle rider. Top of the drawer functionality combined with sleek and eccentric designs make SEC Motosupply helmets a partner for consumers who seek safety and comfort for any destination.

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Make every ride reliable and worry-free with SEC brackets installed on your motorcycle to keep your equipments safe during travels.


Hit the road with ease when you know that your items are locked and loaded. SEC Motobox gives you enough space for your belongings made for everyday travellers.

On the Road
Like a Pro.

If you want to have the best travels, there is no other brand to look out for -- join the SEC Lifestyle, where safety and endurance meets comfort.


When it comes to spare parts and accessories SEC Motosupply is the one to trust! From phone holders for easy navigation to maintenance parts of your motorcycle -- it's on us!


At SEC Motosupply, we cater to your needs before you even ask for it. Shop everything you need for your motorcycle and ride with the SEC Lifestyle.

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SEC Motosupply is a product line of Motorcycle Helmets and Accessories for all types of riders in the Philippines. Motor Industries are in great demand today as the preferred mode of transportation; Helmets therefore have became a necessity for road safety. Licensed by Import commodity Clearance (ICC), SEC products guaranteed to posses quality as well as affordability for all users.